Is there anything better as a dog owner, than having a healthy, happy dog?

It is unfortunately the case that around 80% of all dogs in Europe suffer from tooth problems.

Whether it's bad breath, inflammation of the gums or tartar, insufficient dental care can have serious consequences for your dog's health.

To support you in taking care of your dog's teeth, we developed mammaly dog treats to help your dog find relief from gum inflammation and bad breath as well as prevent tartar formation in a natural way.

Today we want to introduce you to Diana and her Yorkshire Terrier Sina. Her incredible success story shows how mammaly's Fresh Smile dog treats helped both of them say goodbye to bad breath and tartar.


Diana has a 13-year-old Yorkshire Terrier female called Sina. As is often the case with older dogs, little Sina had also had problems with severe bad breath for several years.

During a visit to the vet, the bad breath was discovered to be a result of severe tartar. As a result, Sina had to be put under general anaesthetic to remove stubborn tartar through a professional teeth cleaning.

To make sure that Sina wouldn't have to suffer any more teeth cleanings in future, Diana decided to give Fresh Smile dog treats by mammaly a try.

For eight months now, Sina has been getting a few of these treats every day and no longer has problems either with bad breath or tartar. Diana is over the moon and Sina is happy too, finally able to live a tartar-free life again!

But don't just take our word for it, take a look for yourself at Diana's video.

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