Is there anything better as a dog owner, than having a healthy, happy dog?

It is unfortunately the case that many dogs in Europe suffer from severe stress or anxiety. Fireworks or storms especially can induce anxiety in many dogs, largely due to the loud and sudden noises that can occur during fireworks or storms.

But there are other situations too that can lead to dogs suffering from stress or anxiety. Like travelling in a car, for example. As not every dog likes car rides. If your dog is afraid or stressed on car journeys, then you should do something about it to support your dog.

Because too much fear and stress can have a negative impact on your dog's health.


To support your dog's health in the best possible way, we at mammaly have developed dog treats that can help your dog in a natural way, to relieve stress and anxious situations and to help your dog stay relaxed and calm in stressful moments.

Today we want to introduce you to Britta and her dog Elfi. Her success story shows how mammaly's Relax Time dog treats were able to help both of them alleviate Elfi's car anxiety. As for a long time, Elfie couldn't bear it and would be trembling with fear before every journey.


No matter what Britta tried, little Elfi had a terrible fear of car journeys.



Of course this had a huge impact on their daily lives and longer car journeys just weren't possible. As a result, Elfi had to stay at home by herself.

Keen to do something, Britta searched the internet for a solution and ordered Relax Time dog treats from mammaly. Elfi has been getting a few mammaly dog treats every day for a few weeks now, and Britta can already see the first improvements.

Thanks to training with Relax Time dog treats, Elfi has become a lot more relaxed and now jumps into the car all by herself.

Soon there'll be nothing stopping them from taking longer car journeys!

But don't just take our word for it, take a look for yourself at the Elfi and Britta's video.

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