One in every 8 dogs overall suffers from dental disease every year. Almost 80% of all dogs suffer from insufficient dental care whether Here at mammaly, we've developed a solution to this problem. Fresh Smile dog treats are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and have already helped many dogs improve their teeth and overcome their problems.

Now for a closer look at our customers' experiences with these three incredible success stories!

But first, let's let the stories speak for themselves...



1. Nero, the Terrier mix

2. Lucy, the Jack Russell

3. Charly, the Dachshund

4. Berta, the Swiss mountain dog

Nero, the Terrier mix

Little Terrier mix Nero had had severe inflammation of the gums ever since he was a two-year-old puppy. He hardly ate and had stopped chewing on his chew bone. His owners tried all sorts of different foods – from dry to wet feeds, they even tried BARF. But unfortunately, nothing really helped his gum inflammation.

Then they discovered mammaly and tried out their dog treats for periodontitis and tartar.

Thanks to Fresh Smile dog treats, Nero's chronic gum inflammation improved after a few weeks, and he was finally able to enjoy chewing his bone again.

Lucy, the Jack Russell

I've never worried too much about my four-year-old Jack Russell's teeth, but last autumn her bad breath became so unpleasant, that I had to take to the internet to see what I could do about it. Some people actually clean their dog's teeth every day with a toothbrush, but that wasn't really an option for us, as Lucy is quite sensitive when it comes to her mouth – or stubborn... If I approach her with a toothbrush in hand, she would just close her jaw shut and that was it.

After researching a little on the internet, I decided on mammaly's Fresh Smile dog treats. The good thing about them is her bad breath disappeared straight away and compared to the toothbrush, she really likes them. In the last few weeks, I've also regularly checked the yellow edges around her teeth. It's taken some time, but now after three months, you can see it has improved. You can't expect miracles of course, but bit by bit, the dog treats do appear to be removing the tartar. I can definitely recommend it as an alternative to teeth cleaning. And since the bad breath has gone, petting Lucy is much more pleasant again.

Monika's dog was battling severe tartar


Charly, the Dachshund

From about the age of three, our dear Charly (an eight-year-old Dachshund) started to have very unpleasant bad breath. To begin with, unfortunately, we just accepted it. But at the time we had no idea that it could be related to Charly's health.

At the age of four, the vet discovered tartar and that was the beginning of Charly's teeth problems. We tried everything, we changed his food countless times and for a few months, I even cleaned his teeth every day, but nothing really helped. In the end, it got so bad that his teeth became loose and the four lower incisors had to be pulled out, which for Charly meant an operation under general anaesthetic. We still had no answer to the tartar formation and the next treatment was already on the horizon.

Luckily, we found mammaly, and thanks to Fresh Smile dog treats, her bad breath completely disappeared within a few days and since then (we've been giving her Fresh Smile for 3 months) even her tartar has improved, and she has no problems eating now. We can even give her normal wet food again and an operation is no longer needed, thankfully!

We're so grateful to mammaly for being able to help our Charly!


Berta, the Swiss mountain dog

Our Swiss Mountain dog Berta has been something of a problem child ever since she was a puppy. She's had a lot of problems with her joints as well as her teeth. After a while, we were able to get to grips with her joint problems, but her teeth continued to worry us.

At just two she had, besides bad breath, severe inflammation of the gums. To begin with, we thought it was due to the dry food and switched to wet food. But it didn't really help. In fact, both her bad breath and the gum inflammation got worse. We then tried BARF, but that didn't really help either. It was so bad at the end that she hardly even touched her food with the pain, let alone her chew bone. It just broke our hearts to see how much pain she was in.

In my despair, I searched the internet and stumbled across mammaly. And good job I did! Since we've been giving Berta Fresh Smile dog treats, her teeth have significantly improved, her bad breath disappeared almost immediately, and after a while, her gum inflammation receded enough that she could eat again and enjoy chewing bones and toys again. Thanks to the dog treats, taking care of Berta's teeth has become really easy!

We will definitely keep giving her Fresh Smile. I don't know what we would have done if I hadn't found mammaly!

It's just these kinds of stories that motivate us here at mammaly to improve our products and create new ones, as it's our aim to make the lives of our beloved four-legged friends easier.

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