As dog owners, we've all been there. Your dog gets scared by a loud noise, is afraid in the car or becomes stressed if he has to stay at home alone. In the long term, it's not good for your dog to be experiencing stress or fear often, as it can make them more susceptible to disease.

To keep your dog's stress levels as low as possible, mammaly has taken up the challenge to take care of your dog's wellbeing, developing innovative new functional treats for dogs, so that your dog can live a long and healthy life.

Now let's take a closer look at our customers' experiences with these two incredible success stories! We hope with these two testimonials to be able to show you how important it is that your dog can live a relaxed life free from stress.

But don't just take our word for it, take a look for yourself at Camilla and Michael's testimonials.


1. Camilla

2. Michael the Mastiff


Camilla, aged five, is very nervous and anxious, due probably to something that happened in her past. We got Camilla when she was already two, and prior to that she had been living on the street with an unkind owner. On walks she would whine at strangers and other dogs, her anxious cries were simply heartbreaking.

My husband and I were at a loss. We tried everything, even training with a dog trainer. Almost by accident, we stumbled on Relax Time. I give them to Camilla three times a day before her food and since she started having them, she has become a lot more relaxed. Depending on the time of day, the whimpering and whining has virtually stopped and she even recently played with a dog that she met on a walk, something she would never have done before. Thank you so much! Because of Relax Time, Camilla is much, much calmer now and can now even play with strange dogs, something I never thought possible.

Michael the Mastiff

Michael had a similar experience to Camilla, but the male mastiff transformed from a barking neighbourhood terror to a lovable guard dog.

Unfortunately, our male mastiff Michael was becoming more and more of a neighbourhood terror. As soon as another dog walked past our garden, all hell would break loose. He would just bark and bark. The constant barking wasn't very pleasant, but it was very stressful for him too. And of course, we didn't want to shut him up inside the house all day either.

Which is why we gave mammaly's Relax Time dog treats a try. The change was immediate. Of course, he still looks to see who's walking past our house, but he's barking a lot less. As you would want from a guard dog. I'm ecstatic and Michael is too – he loves the treats and his stress is completely gone! 

All these incredible stories motivate and inspire us each day at mammaly to create new and even better dog treats. As it's our hope all dogs can lead a healthier and longer life.

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