As dog owners, we've all been there.

Vacuuming dog hair all the time, while your dog just can't stop scratching itself constantly...
In the UK alone, about 12.58% of all dogs suffer from a skin disorder. This leads us to believe that there are millions of dogs EU wide, that live with similar conditions. Most of them suffer from the same symptoms -  heavy shedding, itchiness, constant scratching or a lot of flaky skin. These problems can impact your life, but your dog's life especially, as hair shedding, itchiness and constant scratching can be evidence of a skin disease or a lack of vital minerals. 
Here at mammaly, it's has always been our goal to improve our best friends' health and wellbeing. But we also know that the road to recovery can be steep and hard... Which is why we at mammaly developed dog treats to help prevent skin diseases as well as relieve itchiness, shedding and constant scratching, so that your dog can live a long and healthy life.
Now, we will take a closer look at our customers' experiences with these two incredible success stories.
We hope with these two stories to be able to show you how important caring for your dog's coat the right way is and how Shiny Hair dog treats from mammaly can help. A healthy coat needs not only lots of time, patience and perseverance, but also a lot of love and affection! But for a dog to be able to live without itchiness, shedding or constantly scratching, it's definitely worth it! 



1. Bonny, the Labrador

2. Balu, the Terrier

Bonny, the Labrador


Our Labrador female Bonny has had problems with her skin her whole adult life, she had flaky skin and severe itchiness. Bonny would scratch herself constantly until her skin was crusty and bleeding. It became so bad, that she would rub herself against the sofa and chairs all the time... which led to her losing her hair and bald spots appearing. We tried so many things, but unfortunately none of them really helped.
I finally discovered mammaly on the internet, and we ordered Shiny Hair dog treats right away. To our surprise, we were able to see the first results after only three days. Since then, our dog's skin and fur have really improved and are as healthy as when she was a puppy. I'm absolutely overjoyed!


Balu, the Terrier


We have a female terrier at home and our little Balu has had problems with an itchy snout and ears for as long as I can remember. Her paws have become really sore too from the constant scratching. She used to shake her head all the time, she would scratch herself on her snout and you could just see how bad she felt and how unhappy she was. She also shed a lot, and there was hair everywhere in the apartment.
We tried everything, but nothing really helped. Then we discovered mammaly, and we could see the first results after only two days – Balu had stopped shaking her head, she was scratching her snout a lot less and ever since her skin and coat look healthy and wonderful again. She's almost stopped shedding entirely. You can just see that her quality of life has improved dramatically.
It's these kinds of stories, that we at mammaly hear from our customers, that push us on and motivate us every day. It's why we're always working on improving and optimising our dog treats, so that in the future many more dogs will be able to live a better, healthier life!

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